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I’m changing things around here at my Livejournal. Starting now, if I do not know you face to face I will not add you as a friend. Anyone is more than welcomed to look through my public journals (which are few and far between). But unless I’ve talked to you for longer than a year, friended you, or know who you are face to face, you will not be allowed to comment on my Livejournal or read my friends only posts. If you are interested in my icons or graphics head over to ingenious_icons.

Thank You and Kindest Regards
Management at Surferartchick

Random Factoids:
Graduated with honors from a private institution for Visual Communication. I’ve been a Graphic Designer for 8 years, mainly as a freelance designer. However, I branched into my own business but now I live the corporate life. I’ve won awards, I’ve had many of accolades but in the end I'm all about having health insurance and a 401K.

I have been a fine artist for most of my life. Finished my A.A. of studio art while I was still in high school. Dropped it for a couple of years as I studied for my Visual Communication Degree but have picked it up within the last year. I find it’s as wonderful as ever.

Photography is a hobby but lately it’s an obsession. I’ve finally ventured into the ‘Professional’ photographer category. Capturing everything from animals to children, which really aren’t they one in the same? My goal with my photography is to eventually be published in a high-ranking mag rather than some of the rinky dinky round the town magazines.

I’m a writer, at first not, by choice however, now it’s one of my passions. I grew up hating the English language and all it’s rules. That is until college, I was lucky to have teachers that pressed me further than my normal ‘comfort zone’ and because of that I wrote a novel that will hopefully be out in my lifetime. I flippantly work on my next novel that hopefully will be done soon *read whenever that place so called hell freezes over*. And as always I allow my fellow friends have the first peak of my stuff. (As bad as it is the first time through)

Things you should know about this Journal
I’m random (hence the name). I love all things Sci-fi, intellectual, and fun. There are times that I go for weeks without posting and other times that I post 4 to 5 times a day. The weeks go by without entries, it’s not due to the lackluster of stuff in my life, but quite the opposite.

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