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I don't want anything I say to be construed by others whom have wonky agendas.
If I know you feel free to comment and let me know who you are. See my profile if you have any questions.

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Writing Notebooks

katiefoolery had asked me to scan some of my notebooks from my Fivedotnerds video. You see I have a bit of an obsession about character building when I'm writing a long piece of work. So I have, and I'm loading it here for you. :D

This is my one sheet if you will, of a character. I list briefly the main points of why she is who she is then the physical stuff that I need to keep consistent. Like Katie said in her video most of these don't matter 'really' in a novel but I like to keep them consistent.

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Artwork a go go

I just uploaded this sketch I found in one of my big, fat sketchbooks. I really like it. And it reminds me that, oh yeah I can draw! :P It's nice to be reminded when things get a little tough. I have all my sketches up on my Sketchbook set over at flickr.

I also set up a 'Work in Progress' set over on flickr right now this is my current work in progress

It's called Unrequited Love.

It's already bought and paid for by my friend from Bangladesh so I really need to finish it! I do have a two more in the works because of these two shows that are coming up in a couple of months. I really need to get crackalacking on them.

Monday's Video

My video for Fivedotnerds

I apologize it's monotone, and I say gyno. A LOT!

Video Monday

Fivedotnerds - Monday: John & Hank Green Appreciation

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Look, Monday's Fivedotnerds is up!

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copy the first sentence fo the first entry of each month

January - Okay, you remember me being all up in arms about my friend from Bangladesh?
February - Let’s see if I can do this in under 15 mins!
March - Why is it my weekend updates are always on Tuesday?
April - Does anyone else find this disturbing?
May - Men: In no particular order with notes!
June - I'm extremely bored at work and I've tapped out my YouTube last nerve.
July - Today I've decided not to work.
August - In the year 2008, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in the United States, and said, 'Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me.
September - Week in the Life: Day 3
October - So the big hurtle that I needed to get over was this crazy art festival that I did this weekend.
November - So yeah Nano.
December - I looked at my year to date salary today


NaNoWriMo Update 6,000ish - 10,000ish

Okay, so it's the official end of week one. Or is it week two? I don't know I've lost all reality as of right now. Anyways I'm updating the next part of NaNoWriMo. Tomorrow I have hopes of writing close to 6,000 words. HOPES anyway. So far it's been pretty good I'll sit down write a couple of thousand words and then walk away. Rinse and repeat. I would love some comments and or suggestions for story development. I mean right now I'm still just writing off the cuff!


Words 1-2666ish

“Well I can run several batches at the same time. Say 60 samples should be enough to tell us an appropriate ph level. So, yeah I think so.” He stands and stretches, getting ready for the long haul. He knows the reason for the rush is because Johnny will be back tomorrow. And just like Jane he doesn’t want all his hard work to be assimilated by Johnny and his ability to swing solutions his way. She turns on her four inch high heel.

“Make it so!” She exclaims as she walks to the door. Lucus rolls his eyes.

“You know you are not Captain Picard right?” He says as he leans back in his ergonomically correct Herman Miller chair. He’s a nerd, he knows it and on some weird level he wants to make sure she knows she’s a nerd too.

“Who signs your paycheck?” Jane calls as she’s walking to the door. Lucus’ head drops as he answers her.

“You do.” Jane rests against the door. Leaning ever so slightly with her legs crossed at the ankles. Her arms folded and her black rimmed glasses just a bit to low on her nose. One eyebrow cocked as he answers.

“Then today, I am the captain!” She states as she waltzes out the door humming the theme to Star Trek. Lucus sits in amazement. There was just something that seemed to make her absolutely mesmerizing. For as long as he’s known her, which right now has been about 4 years, she has always been able to become anything to anyone. If you were a geek, she would become just as geeky as you. If you were the jock, well she would morph personality wise into a jock.

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David Tennant is no more...

David Tennant announced that after the 2009 specials he will no longer be with the show. :(

*sniff sniff*

Sadness, but I think the show will still be awesome. Hopefully!

David's announcement -


So the big hurtle that I needed to get over was this crazy art festival that I did this weekend. It was called Via Arte. It's modeled after the big Street Painting Festivel in Italy on April 4th every year. I had an 8' x 8' square that I spent eleven hours on my butt, on hard concrete, and in the cold... Though at least this year it didn't rain. :D

So I don't know if you remember from last year. But last year I wasn't able to finish my painting as well I was too ambitious. I almost finished it but my back was not as strong as it is now. Or it might have been that I stayed in one position for far too long.

But this year I did a larger space and worked smarter. The end product? :D a recreation of Simon Bull's "The Journey Never Ends" in pastel.

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I tell you what though. Via Arte is quite possibly the most awesome workout you could ever do. Think of the hardest yoga moves and then hold them for hours. Sitting on Sunday was not a fun thing to do!! Oi! I can't wait for next year! Maybe next year I'll do a 12' x 12' :D with a little help from my friends!!!